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So lately I have felt like everything I read or want to read turns out to become a movie. 

Now I did read Harry Potter, but that was after watching the first movie.  I liked all the Harry Potter books AND movies.  Another book turned movie is  The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards.   I loved this book, but then Lifetime had to go and “try” to make a movie out of it.  The movie, in my opinion, was quite boring and I actually  fell asleep during it!  A better example is  White Oleander by Janet Fitch.  Now this book I did read years after the release of the movie, but  I really LOVE LOVE LOVED the movie so I knew the book had to be better….and it was!  Read this book if you liked the movie…it’s worth it!  Another example is Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.  I knew this book was pretty popular and there was a movie coming out  so I just had to  read it before it came out so I could compare the book to the movie.  Turns out, I really didn’t care for the book OR the movie, LOL!  I know the series is geared toward teens, but there were so many people reading it…hell, even my haridresser was reading the series, but the one book I did read was too mushy and lovey-dovey!  I mean seriously, do people really like reading about teens going gaga over a boy….a vampire boy?!  Nope, this book did not do it for me.    Now if you’re looking for a good vampire book, you should try the Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris…aka True Blood on HBO.  Now this was a GREAT vampire book!  Twilight tried, but True Blood did it!  I only have basic cable so I never actually saw any of the season 1 True Blood episodes when I started reading the first book.  After I read the first book, season 1 of  True Blood  came out on DVD and I couldn’t wait to add it to my queue on Netflix!  The show rocks just as much as the book!   I have just one more disc to get through (2 more episodes) before I finish season 1 and then I’ll have to wait till season 2 is finished up on HBO, which I still don’t have, lol!  Until then, I’ll go get the next book in the series and keep myself occupied for the time being.

Let’s see….I know there are others…oh, yes!  The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffeneger.  One of my favorite books EVER!!!  And it is scheduled to release August 14, 2009 in theatres….I seriously can’t wait!!!!!  Im curious to see how well they pull this off with all the different time travel scenes and different ages of the main characters during those time travel scenes.  Check out the official trailer for the movie!


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