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Are you wondering what language I’m speaking? Haha! That’s exactly what I thought when I first heard of Zentagles and Zendalas. I’m the kind of person who likes to research everything from prescription medicines to artsy techniques, but I had a hard time finding indepth info on this meditative art form. Most of the websites offer a how-to approach than an informative one. I stumbled on http://www.zentangle.com and they had some infomation on this art form. 

Here is MY definition:  AZzentangle is a process of doodling in a meditative state with “tangles” and repeated patterns.  Usually these are black and white so you use patterns to fill in the blank areas…kinda like color.  A Zendala is a hybrid of a  Mandala circle & Zentangle art.  Here is a great website with how-to tutorials  for making Zendalas  http://www.milliande.com/Zendala-How-To-Draw-A-Mandala-Zentangle-Style.html .  That site is wonderful for a little inspiration!  I went a head and posted Milliande’s youtube video so you can see how freaking fun and freeing this is!!!

Just a word of warning…Zentangles are addictive!  I love instant gratification crafts and Zentangles are quick and easy and a perfect stress reliever.  If you’re stressed out, then try out a Zentangle.  There really isn’t any right or wrong way…just YOUR way!  Here is my first Zendala (because it is a circle like a Mandala for meditation).  I love it and I found myself getting lost in all the tangled patterns.  I think I’ll try out using red for the lines in my next one to step it up a little.  I’ll keep ya updated.




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