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Hello there!  My name is Lynn and  I love to create!  I’m pretty new to the world of blogging, but I figure I’ll give it a shot.  In my blog, I plan to write about what I like and is passionate to me.  I plan on writing posts about new music, books, art, crafts, activism, movies…well, anything that is creative.  I especially love to learn new crafting techniques so check back often to check out some of my finished creations. 

Let’s see…maybe a little more about me:  I am 26 and recently married to the best man in the world (yes, I am a lil bias since he is my hubby).  We live in Florida with our beagle, Baxter and two guinea pigs, Munchie & Winston.  I work in credit cards for one of the largest banks in the world (yes, this company did recieve bailouts and *almost* spent some of the money on a new company jet….no names will be mentioned).  I hate where I work and wish the economy would pick up so I could find something better, but I’m stuck for now so I craft to get rid of the stress.  I am in the middle of having corrective foot surgery for bunions.  I’ve already had surgery on my right foot 4 wks ago and will be having my left foot done tomorrow.   I have another 4 wks of recovery before I go back to work so I have a lot fo free time to craft! 



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